The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Center1026 Union Road
West Seneca, NY 14224


The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Center1026 Union Road
West Seneca, NY 14224


Microdermabrasion Services

Microdermabrasion—Physician Grade

Microdermabrasion is a method of polishing and removing the uppermost layer of the skin called the stratum corneum. The result is a topical exfoliation as well as indirect stimulation to the basal layer of the skin which can have a direct influence on increased fibroblast, collagen, and elastin production. The result is a healthier, more vibrant, more firm, hydrated, and improved texture and appearance to the skin.

Several treatments are necessary to achieve desired results. For optimal results, other regimes may be recommended, including skin care products to assist in the blending of pigmentation, reducing sun damage, etc. The FDA has given clearance for the following uses for physician grade microdermabrasion:

  • The most even exfoliation and removal of dry, dead skin cells resulting in a fresher, more healthy look.
  • Diminishing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Because we are exfoliating the debris on the surface as well as in the pores (follicles), the pore size is decreased and more refined.
  • The removal of keratinized (thickened) areas of skin caused by dehydration, environmental factors, excessive use of topicals, etc.
  • The reduction of existing comedones (blackheads) and milia (white spots) due to highly effective exfoliation and follicular debris removal.
  • Prevention of breakouts due to the “cleansing” of the follicles, keeping the pores clear of buildup that leads to acne.
  • Dark spots (hyper pigmentation) appear to be lightened considerably.
  • The reduction of scar tissue resulting in flatter, smoother texture.
  • The improvement of post-inflammatory pigmentation scarring from acne.

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