The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Center1026 Union Road
West Seneca, NY 14224


The Skin Center at Southgate Medical Center1026 Union Road
West Seneca, NY 14224


Ever Wonder How Much Botox Cost? Or If There’s Any Alternatives To Botox?

Botox Prices and Information:

Pricing of botox can seem confusing because it is priced per unit. Botox prices vary depending on the amount of botox being used at your appointment. This will essentially depend on the area(s) that we are treating, and your desired outcome/expectations.

For example, if we are focusing on the area of your “frown lines”, which is the area between your eyebrows, we would first determine how many injections you would require based on the anatomy of your muscles. Most people need at least 3 injections and, on average, around 5 injections to this area to receive the outcome they desire. Each injection of botox contains 4 units of botox. At $11/unit this corresponds to $44 for each injection so if you received 3 injections then this would cost $132, for 5 injections this would cost $220.

Have a look at the before and after results of Botox below…

Botox Prices - Southgate Skin Center - WNY Skin Center

We also offer Dysport which is comparable to Botox, but you see results sooner and they typically last longer.  Per area treated pricing is the same.”

Note: Not everybody has the same facial anatomy and that is why botox is never a one size fits all. We want to know what your expectations are so we can help you achieve the results you desire.

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Congratulations to Kelley and Amanda on earning the elite title of Coolsculpting Master Clinician from Coolsculpting University!  In other words, we are among the best CoolSculpting providers in the industry!

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